Lap Band Diet Book : Best Guide for Lap band

Are you interested to know what is the best suitable diet after lap band surgery? Get every details and information regarding post operative diet with lap band diet book. Following a restricted diet plan just after the surgery is key to the success of weight loss surgery such as lap band. If you were of the opinion that undergoing lap band surgery is the only key to weight loss. It is not so, following a right kind of diet is important. You need to change your eating habits with lifestyle for the results to become evident. One can get the relevant information and complete guide over here. People considering for lap band surgery are advised to follow a specific and routine diet just after the surgery to get rid of any effects. The restricted diet plan is important for avoiding severe complications such as band erosion and slippage.

Food Just After the Surgery
The period after the surgery is crucial and has been divided in different time frame for making it simple and easy to follow. Just after the surgery the patient is given fluid or liquid only. Water is apt for them. One is advised to stay away from fluids such as carbonated drinks, soda to avoid problems of excessive gas. However after few days, the patients can be given soups, yogurt and baby food. It is continued for first three weeks.

The lap band solution book informs that patients should be kept on liquid and semi liquid diet that is easy for digestion and helps in recovering phase after the lap band surgery. Once the initial phase after the surgery is over, the patient is fed on semi liquid diet consisting of protein shake, juice, baby food at least three times in a day. Gradually the patients can be given solid foods but it should be tenderly cooked and processed. It may include salads, vegetables and meat properly cooked and minced in a processor.

However one should be careful to avoid carb rich diet that may again lead to previous health condition and leading to the failure of lap band surgery. These are some vital information mentioned in lap band diet book which guide about meal. If you want to know more details just download the e book from the internet and get the complete guide now.

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